Bonnet Love

This was a bit I shot at the world famous Comedy Union.  This club has the best food out of all the comedy clubs in LA.  It’s the only place you can get fried catfish.  Now I don’t really eat like that any more but they also have collard greens, candy yams, and corn bread — what comedy club has corn bread!  Shout out of Enns Mitchell for giving me the stage time.  I used this bit to secure me work on Laff Mobb Laff Tracks on TruTV.

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Owen Smith | Acting Reel

Here is my acting reel.

First Year of Marriage “Being Polite”

This is one of my favorite bits to do.  I talk about how in the first year of marriage both me and my wife were lying to each other.  We were pretending to be not who we really were.  It was both funny and sad.  Again this moment was captured at the world famous Comedy…

Me on Colbert

A funny story, if you look real close you can see my head is swollen.  For some reason I had my barber put color in my hair and he used Bigen and my head had an allergic reaction and the morning of this taping I woke up looking like Will Smith in Hitch after his…

Good Luck Everybody

I shot this special entirely on iPhones.  I bought 10 iPhones, shot the special then returned the iPhones and got my money back.  The first of it’s kind.  Ladies and gentlemen I present, Good Luck Everybody.  What is it about you ask?  You know the saying, “Women have to kiss a lot of frogs before…

Me on Conan!

This was an amazing time for me.  I was living in New York and I was a regular performer at the world famous Comedy Cellar and I would record all of my set on this flip ultra HD camera that I would set on top of the fire alarm in the back of the club…