The New Race Card?

I think every black person should be able to use white guy entitlement one day a year. 

I don’t like being told no.  I don’t know who does, but I especially hate the word. And the one thing I love about white guys is their entitlement won’t let a little word like “no” or a silly thing like “the rules” stop them from doing whatever the fck they want.  That’s why I propose that every black person should be allowed to have White Guy Entitlement for one 24 hour period a year.  

When you try to park in an underground parking lot, and there’s hella open spaces, but the parking attendant tells you there’s no parking for a special event, instead of turning around and trying to find street parking to accommodate him, you get pull your white entitlement card and say, “I won’t be long” and park wherever you damn well please. (note: that was the first time I ever used ‘hella’ in a sentence. I am officially a west coaster. ugh.)

When you see a sign that says, “Do Not Enter” you get to say, “I don’t let signs tell me what to do, and you get to drive down that forbidden street like it was made for you.

You get to pretend you don’t see white people doing white things.  Like when they are in line ordering you get to walk right up to the front and get your needs met first. 

Positive and Negatives of WGE (White Guy Entitlement):

Positive: The whole world is like TSA Pre-check. You never have to wait in line again.

Negative: You might get punched in the face.

What do you guys think?  I’m just asking for one day. one 24 hour period.